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Breastfeeding Photography Chicago – A wonderful way to remember a beautiful act

A way to nourish and bond

 In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, I would love to present some moms and their little ones, who decided to have photos taken during their special bonding time. Their own moment of closeness. I feel so proud and inspired to display these photographs and thank them for letting me capture their connection.

 Documenting breastfeeding journeys have a deep meaning for me. Breastfeeding has a face, it’s personal. And these women are proud to show it.

Breastfeeding portraits are a wonderful way to remember this beautiful act

Breastfeeding is a tradition as old and valued as motherhood. It allows a mother to bond with her child and provides much-needed nutrients. Breastfeeding is a beautiful act of love.

Times have changed. It is something to be thankful for how over the years attitudes have shifted regarding breastfeeding. Now, breastfeeding afforded legal protections so mothers can breastfeed without fear of harassment. It finally became more accepted worldwide as something that mothers can do privately or publicly without any shame. Never should any woman should feel she needs to hide or be nervous about breastfeeding.

Usually, we carefully capture our babies and toddler first and milestones, while we miss photos of this magical part of journeys. Those hours of bonding, while you nourish your baby, are just as special as all the firsts, and totally deserve a place in your photo library! Not just lost in your phone selfies, but beautifully captured images that have pride of place, for you and your little one to look back on with wonder and pride.

I clearly believe breastfeeding is something to be celebrated and honored. I love working with mothers to create a portrait of themselves and their child that tells a story. A portrait tells a story about a mother and her child. Their special moment. Most importantly, by doing these breastfeeding portraits with mothers, I hope to provide a beautiful memory that a family can treasure and reduce the wrongheaded stigma that is sometimes directed at those who want to feed and care for their babies. With all the benefits breastfeeding provides for children, it makes sense that breastfeeding acceptance is on the rise as people feel more comfortable openly discussing or engaging in breastfeeding.

I feel honored to create breastfeeding portraits

I love working with mothers to determine what is the perfect portrait for them. After all, if you ask me to assist you in taking a breastfeeding portrait, I am here for YOU and want to be sure I help you create something beautiful. There are many creative ideas we can explore to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the breastfeeding portrait we create for you and your child (or children for those with twins, triplets, or more)! If you consider having a breastfeeding portrait done and in the Chicago region, please know I’d love to work with you and encourage you to contact me with any questions or ideas!

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