Chicago Winter Engagement Photos Tips

Chicago Winter Engagement Photos Tips

Chicago winter temps can be quite challenging! Read down below a few Chicago winter engagement photos tips to keep you nice and warm-er 😉

The weather in the winter is obviously unpredictable. When we first planned our shoot with Katie & Tyler, we agreed that we should plan a backup weekend in case our first date didn’t work out due to the weather. This can be challenging during the busy season, however, that is one of the benefits of having your photoshoot during a less busy time of year.

Finally, the day has arrived, and with some overcasts we were still able to walk around town and have an amazing time together. These two are just the sweetest, and I love Katie’s jacket – it really is complemented by the white snow tones.

Once you have your location set in stone, it’s time to start conditioning yourselves to be camera-ready! The dry air and cold temperatures during the winter months can be especially rough on skin and hair, causing dryness, and irritation. So, it’s best to focus on cosmetic preparations that work to retain moisture—this goes for the boys too! To achieve radiant skin in the winter, consider upping your water intake, using a humidifier, and make sure to moisturize your skin especially your face and hands that will be visible throughout the shoot the entire time. Chapstick won’t hurt either!

Don’t stress too much about your outfits but be prepared for the elements. Pack a bag of hats, scarves, gloves, hand warmers and a change of socks/clothes, in case they get wet. Most of the thoughts that go into planning and outfit go to the shoes and the jacket. How can you keep your feet warm, dry and cute all at the same time? Bring hand/foot warmers. Dress in layers. We can occasionally take the jacket off for some photos and brave the cold! Wearing a cute sweater/dress underneath your coat will allow you to get some photos without your coat off and give you more variety. Colors – Add a pop of color for a great contrast to white snow. I recommend bringing a rolling wheels suitcase, where you can hang your jackets to keep them clean and dry.

With these few tips, you will feel way more comfortable during the session! 🙂

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