Chicago Lakefront Secret Proposal

 Chicago Lakefront Secret Proposal

Zack reached out to me to help plan a special secret proposal at the lakefront by the Montrose Bird Chicago Conservatory area, and I’m thrilled to report that Dasha said yes! We managed to keep it a complete surprise. Everything went smoothly and beautifully. I arrived at the location slightly early and kept an eye out for Zack and Dasha, whom I recognized from the selfie Zack had sent earlier that morning. Once I spotted them, I remained incognito until the right moment!

There is a main way to approach a surprise proposal. For example, you could opt for a complete surprise and meet me at a specified location at a particular time. While I strive to minimize the risk, I can’t guarantee that a large crowd won’t suddenly appear and block my view. This is why chosing a quieter location is much preferred to busy city streets.
What truly matters is capturing the moment and the reaction of you both!

A marriage proposal is a beautiful moment that deserves to be documented—a memory to look back on in the years to come.

In addition to capturing the moment, I allow time for a portrait session afterward.
Anyway, I will let the photos from this memorable shoot speak for themselves below!


Are you debating whether to book a photographer for your moment?

Here are some reasons it’s worth a shot to hire a Chicago Secret Proposal Photographer:

1. You will get expert advice on proposal locations: Photographers who frequently work in the city are well-versed in the best proposal spots and can provide real-time guidance. That ensures you choose the perfect location for your special moment.

2. The now time experience: Besides documenting the proposal itself, engaging a photographer allows you to capture engagement photos immediately after getting engaged. This provides a unique and memorable experience, as the images can be shared with friends and family. So FUN and exciting!

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chicago lakefront secret proposalchicago lakefront secret proposalchicago lakefront secret proposal

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